Our history

EKCES is unique

EKCES is extravagant

EKCES is unbelievable

EKCES is a concept

It was in 2016 that Clément, Maxime and Thibaut created the first CO2 champagne gun, thus pushing the limits of extravagance. Driven by their passion for unique and unforgettable experiences, they launched their business and aimed at the prestigious Folie Douce Meribel Courchevel, where their crazy creation seduced a clientele looking for luxury and originality.

During these first four intense years, they developed in France but also in Spain and Austria where they continued to innovate to offer an ever more sensational experience to their demanding customers. But just when they were reaching new heights, the global pandemic came to abruptly end this first adventure.

However, in January 2023, Clément, Maxime and François-Alexandre, their new partner, decided to relaunch the project, determined to bring their touch of extravagance to the world: EKCES was born and was able to make its electrifying debut aboard the boat parties of Ibiza.

By launching and adopting an international sales strategy, Ekces can now take off and serve its privileged customers around the world. With Ekces, make every evening an explosion of audacity and opulence.

So, join Maxime, Clément and François-Alexandre in this decadent adventure.

Why just be excessive when you can live at Ekces?